Product Features

The Teacher’s Manual

This manual contains 26 turnkey lessons. When opened to any letter it features the following:

1. Left page:
  • “Ditty” which is a quick mnemonic to introduce the person, place or event.
  • A background summary illustrating the historical relevance
  • Keywords to highlight in the lesson
2. Right page:
  • A comprehension section to test students’ understanding of the summary content
  • “Advanced Questions” requiring a better grasp of the subject
  • ‘Things to Ponder” section encourages students to delve further
  • An “Explore More” section with on-line links to additional historical corroboration

The Teacher’s Guide

  • Answer Keys to the questions raised in the Manual
  • An illustrated glossary of words, terms, and phrases used in the Manual
  • Explanations on how to use the kit including games and techniques that can be used to reinforce the lesson plan
  • The kit’s relevance to the Quebec Educational Plan (QEP) demonstrating how it complies with required components.

The Deck of Cards

  • The two decks of cards are intended for the student to play with and learn from. The content mirrors that in the Manual. Students connect with the persons, places or events. We strongly believe students learn in different ways and the tactile experience of having the cards in a student’s hands may assist those different types of learners
  • The cards are colour-coded into six (6) themes:
    • Red = Sports
    • Green = Military Exploits
    • Blue = Places
    • Purple = Science
    • Yellow = Pioneers in their Field
    • Brown = Politics
    • Orange = Human Rights
  • The cards can be used for games such as the Bingo game or as a treasure hunt. Students will easily find their own connections and themes.

The Timeline Poster

The Timeline Poster situates the character, the place and events in their context and time throughout Canada’s development. The thumbnails are arrayed along sections demarcating the era of exploration, the World Wars right up to the post-Centennial period.

Supplemental Materials

Designed to enhance student’s learning experience this bundle of exercise sheets will complement classroom activities and games or will allow individual exploration and reinforcement.

The Supplemental Materials bundled in each kit includes:
  • Two crossword puzzles (Levels I & II Vocabulary)
  • One Bingo sheet
  • One Match-up sheet on the job, trade or expertise of characters
  • One Match-up sheet on locations of the characters
  • One thematic crossword puzzle titled, Racial Discrimination in Canada
  • One Word Search based on the names of the people, places and events
  • One exercise on adjectives to describe the people, places and events