ABC’s of Canadian Black History Kit


The ABC’s Kit enhances the learning experience of students about Blacks within Canada, about Canadian history and geography, its politics, migration, military history and defense, labour experiences, settlement and integration strategies.

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The ABC’s of Canadian Black History is a pre-designed curriculum enhancer tailored to an educator’s perspective for in-class teaching, presentations as well as in-depth study and research. The Kit can be used in elementary through university to inform students of the contributions of the Black community to the development of Canada since the 1600’s. The largely ignored historical role of Blacks throughout Canadian history is particularly relevant today in the multiethnic and multicultural environments in our present day schools and educational institutions.
The ABC’s kit was created to bring life to the many personalities and events which have shaped this beautiful country we call Canada. Each letter of the alphabet features a person, place or event detailing its historical relevance. The kit is subtitled “A Journey of Discovery into Canadian History”, because that’s what it is, Canadian history, that heretofore was omitted from the pages of history textbooks, because the role of the Black community in Canadian history was not deemed important, or of historical significance.

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