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Each year, we develop new products to meet the growing demand from teachers, parents, and our community partners.

ABC’s of Canadian Black History Kit

The ABC’s Kit enhances the learning about Blacks within Canada. It introduces Canadian history, geography, politics, migration, military history and defense, labour experiences, and settlement. It reveals Black history from Canada’s early days of exploration to today. These lessons can spark lively and thoughtful discussions. Students may choose to explore various topics like human rights, racism and discrimination, citizenship and integration, social justice, and the law.

ABC Cards

Two-sided cards, which mirror the 26 lessons in the Teacher Text, help students connect with the persons, places, or events. The tactile experience of the cards, combined with the activities, reinforces the learning for all types of learners. Packaged in a set of 2 (52 cards).

ABC’s Colouring Book – Coming Soon!

The ABC’s Colouring Book is illustrations telling the stories of Black contributions across Canada.