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Making Hands-on Learning Fun – ABC Student Cards

  • With the two-sided cards, which mirror the Teacher Text, students connect with the persons, places, or events. The tactile experience of the cards, combined with the activities, reinforces learning for all  types of learners.  
  • The seven colour-coded themes integrate with lessons and activities:
      • Red = Sports
      • Green = Military
      • Blue = Places
      • Purple = Technology
      • Yellow = Pioneers 
      • Brown = Politics
      • Orange= Human Rights
  • The cards are integrated with the Kit’s games like Bingo and Treasure Hunt and are a quick reference for the supplemental and enrichment activities. Students easily find their own connections and themes!
  • Two decks of 26 cards per kit AND available separately
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Supplemental Exercise Sheets – Reinforcing and Extending Learning!

Reproducible sheets complement classroom learning and games, check comprehension and enhance vocabulary and literacy skills. The eight sheets in the kit include:

  • Level-appropriate vocabulary crossword puzzles 
  • Bingo sheet
  • Match-up sheets – locations, jobs, trades, or expertise of characters
  • Racial Discrimination in Canada, thematic crossword
  • Word Search for names people, places, and events
  • Adjectives describing people, to counter stereotypes

Timeline Poster – Reinforcing Visual Learning

Graphically situates characters, places and events in context throughout Canada’s history. Thumbnails arrayed demarcating key events in Canada’s exploration, settlement, Confederation,  World Wars, and post-Centennial period.