26 Complete Lesson Plans for Canadian Black History

Teacher Resources

Teacher’s Text

Left page

  • 26 Complete Lesson Plans for Canadian Black History
  • Ditty – a quick mnemonic or poem introduces person, place or event
  • An illustration, a photo or an historic image
  • Background summary of historical relevance
  • Keywords to highlight in lesson

Right Page

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Advanced Questions and Things to Ponder to foster critical thinking
  • Exploring Context, Contrast and Similarity to encourage higher-level thinking
  • Explore More has online links to videos, websites and other resources for research and reference
  • Activity Guide includes lesson plans for individual and group activities.
  • Answer Keys answers every question posed in the Teachers’ Text.
  • Glossary of words, terms, and phrases from the Kit
  • Detailed instructions for games and techniques to reinforce lessons.
  • QEP curriculum connections. Coming soon, online connections for other provinces.

Bring the ABC’s of Black History ONLINE for the MOST Important Black History Month EVER.

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