About us

Dr. Dorothy Williams

President and Founder of Blacbiblio.com

The ABC’s of Canadian Black History, a treasured resource for Quebec teachers, was created by respected community activist, historian, author, and professor, Dr. Dorothy Williams, who grew up in Montreal’s historic black community of Little Burgundy. She created Blacbiblio.com, to foster accessible resources and a bibliographic record of the historical presence of Blacks in Canada. Dr. Williams is in-demand speaker on Canadian Black History, with a Master’s in History and a Doctorate in Library and Information Studies.

Linton Garner
Community and Education Developer

Linton Garner, another veteran Montrealer, brings decades of community and education development and his passion for history and storytelling to his role in the design and marketing of the ABC’s. Linton has developed expertise in the educational needs of visible minority youth and has consulted with provincial school boards on youth retention, community networking and curriculum development

The ABC Team

What will your students say they were taught during this time of change and awareness? 
How will you address the missing voices of our history in our culture? How will you answer students that ask why they did not learn about Blacks, Indigenous and other people of color in their textbooks?  The way we taught in the past has NEVER answered these burning questions.

The ABC’s of Canadian Black History Kit helps you address the historic and current inequalities that 2020’s racial tension are bringing into focus. Containing 26 carefully designed lesson plans, the Kit is a resource that fosters awareness, acknowledges the presence and contributions of Black Canadians, and helps you reach the student who does not see anyone who looks like her in her studies. Help her to understand that “if she can see it, she can be it”. 

Let your legacy of awareness and inclusion be the one that this student, and her classmates, carry forward.

Transforming How We See and Teach Canadian Black History

Black History is more than a few weeks in February to celebrate a few heroes and celebrities, who, are often not even Canadian. Until recently, teachers have been hampered by the predominantly white voices in Canadian history w and the lack of accessible, easy-to-use teaching resources.

Will you be ready for Black History Month? Or are you like many educators who find themselves on February 1st scrambling to create new materials to incorporate diversity within the classroom?

The ABCs of Canadian Black History Kit frees up your time with by making Black History Month activities easy to integrate into your lesson plans with new-to-you stories AND unique, fun learning activities with your students. Plus, you will find have great resources for integrating Black History into every month and many subjects!